02 22 2017

10 Reasons Ignoring Mobile Advertising Is a Mistake

Mobile advertising statistics that will shock you! By the year 2012 internet usage on mobile devices will pass internet use on desktop computers. If your company isn’t using mobile advertising to market you are missing out on one of the fastest, [...]

Retail and Marketing Online – Consumer buying trends are shifting, are you shifting with them?

Retail and marketing online to reach mobile and savvy shoppers is vital to your survival. Since the explosion of the internet, smartphones and social media, consumers have shifted their purchasing habits. They used to wait for Sunday sales [...]

Marketing in Retail: How can you maximize profits by anticipating seasonality?

Marketing in retail in today’s market requires creativity and a well thought out plan. Seasonal marketing is nothing new to marketing in retail. We see it in action during the major holidays such as Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving. But [...]

Marketing for Retail 101

A guide to marketing for retail online. Marketing for retail has changed over the years and continues to evolve as more advances in technology are made. A major part of today’s marketing is centered on the web which allows businesses to reach [...]

5 Marketing and Retail Myths

Marketing and retail myths debunked. There are so many marketing and retail myths out there it’s no wonder retailers can get confused as to what works and what doesn’t. Here are five of them debunked. Myth #1: I don’t need a mobile website: [...]

How to Profit from Retail Marketing Loyalty Programs

Retail marketing loyalty programs can leave the consumer confused. One of the main goals of establishing a retail marketing loyalty program is to develop a better relationship between you and your customers and turn them into loyal customers [...]

Marketing Retail Quiz: Are you doing THIS right?

7 marketing retail questions you should ask yourself. 1. Are you marketing online? Online marketing is the fastest growing form of advertising. To find success for your business you need to establish a dominant online presence. Here are 3 statistics [...]

4 Secrets Your Competitor Knows about Retail Marketing

Learn the top secrets about retail marketing. Retail marketing isn’t as big a mystery as some may think. Yes, times are rapidly changing with the new technology available and the incredible increase of mobile devices. What used to work may [...]

3 Trends for Marketing at Retail Shopping Centers

Mobile marketing at retail shopping centers creates great opportunity to reach the consumers. Exciting new trends for marketing at retail centers have greatly increased sales and profits for many business owners. With the incredible technology [...]