02 22 2017

5 Marketing and Retail Myths

Marketing and retail myths debunked.

marketing and retail myths

marketing and retail myths

There are so many marketing and retail myths out there it’s no wonder retailers can get confused as to what works and what doesn’t.

Here are five of them debunked.

Myth #1: I don’t need a mobile website: Nothing could be further from the truth! A major portion of consumers are doing their shopping, local searches and product research on their mobile devices. A regular website will not work well on mobile phones, leaving consumers frustrated. In fact, 46% of mobile device users say they are unlikely to revisit a mobile website that did not work. Video and pictures take longer to load on mobile devices, and consumers aren’t willing to wait around.

Myth #2: Customer retention costs aren’t worth it: Retaining your existing customers is vital to ensure the success of your business. Money invested in retaining your customers will result in increased sales. Utilize their contact information to offer loyalty rewards for remaining a valued customer. Customers who feel valued are more likely to recommend your services and products to their friends and family.

Myth #3: SMS Marketing is spamming: SMS marketing to consumers who opt-in to receive messages is not spamming however, sending unsolicited messages to consumers is considered spamming. Use social sites, website opt-in forms and loyalty programs to ask your customers to opt-in to receive valuable discounts and coupons through the use of mobile and online marketing.

Myth #4: Social media is for socializing, not marketing: Social media has become an important part of successful marketing plans.

  • 66% of adults online are using at least one social media platform.
  • Sales through social commerce will reach $30 billion within the next five years.
  • Businesses will be generating 50% of their online sales through social media and mobile apps by the year 2015.

Myth #5: Proximity marketing doesn’t work: Proximity marketing has been proving to be a highly effective form of mobile marketing. It gives businesses the opportunity to reach potential customers while they are in the area of their business. Here’s an example, If your restaurant is located within a couple of miles from the local sports arena, during the game you can send a coupon for 10% off of a meal after the game to the consumers at the arena who have opted in to receive messages. Or, during the work week, you can send messages to all the local business offices in your area offering lunch specials at the time they are getting ready to make their decisions on where to eat.

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