02 22 2017

Marketing Retail Quiz: Are you doing THIS right?

7 marketing retail questions you should ask yourself.

marketing retail

marketing retail

1. Are you marketing online? Online marketing is the fastest growing form of advertising. To find success for your business you need to establish a dominant online presence.

Here are 3 statistics to show why you should be marketing online:

  • 89% of businesses say they will expand their inbound marketing budgets in 2012. (Hubspot)
  • In 2012 75% of the population will be online. (eMarketer)
  • Close to 89% of internet users in the US will research products online in 2012. (eMarketer)

2. Are you using mobile marketing? In case you haven’t noticed, the world has gone mobile. More and more consumers are utilizing their smartphones to research and locate products and services.

Here are two fascinating statistics about mobile use:

  • 94% of smartphones owners will be mobile internet users in 2012. (eMarketer)
  • Close to 73 million consumers will be mobile shoppers in 2012. (eMarketer)

3. Are you using social media? More and more consumers say they are highly influenced by social media before making purchases. If you’re not using social media to connect with these consumers, you are missing one of the best opportunities to brand your business and create stronger relationships with your customers.

  • 62% of businesses that were polled indicate social media has played a big role in obtaining leads the past 6 months. (Hubspot)
  • In 2012 almost 2/3 of web users will use social media. (eMarketer)

4. Are you using video marketing? The increased popularity of online video sites like YouTube offers the perfect opportunity to have your company message viewed by millions. It’s an ideal way to share your products, services and vision with the world.

  • 57% of businesses plan to increase their video advertising in 2012. (Digiday)
  • 65% of businesses plan to switch marketing spending from TV to online. (Bright Roll)
  • There are 4 billion daily views of video online. (YouTube)

5. Are you using content marketing? Content marketing such as blogging, article marketing and video marketing is one of least expensive forms of marketing today that has proven to deliver results.

  • 66% of businesses that blog weekly have acquired a new customer through the blog.
  • Blogging is the least expensive cost per lead for inbound marketing.

6. Are you using email marketing? Many consumers surveyed say they prefer to receive coupons and marketing messages through email. Opening rates are improving because of the use of mobile devices.

  • Email open rates have increased 82.4% from March, 2011 to March, 2012 (Return Path)
  • 27% of emails were opened on mobile devices (Knotice)
  • 90 million Americans access their email using a mobile device. (ComScore)

7. Are you using proximity marketing? Proximity marketing has increased in popularity because it allows you to market to the consumers who are within your geographical area.

  • Almost 16% of smartphone users in the US have purchased at least one item as a result of marketing content they received on their smartphones. (ExactTarget)

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