02 22 2017

3 Trends for Marketing at Retail Shopping Centers

Mobile marketing at retail shopping centers creates great opportunity to reach the consumers.

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Exciting new trends for marketing at retail centers have greatly increased sales and profits for many business owners. With the incredible technology available today, businesses can hone in on consumers at the time they are making their buying decisions. Marketing to mobile devices is at the top of these exciting trends.

Did you know that 91% of the U.S. population owns a mobile phone? Here are three trends that are hot, hot, hot.

Mobile Website: A mobile website is a must for creating a dominant online presence. Smartphone screens are small; a mobile site design is tailored for the smaller screen. If your site isn’t mobile, important information may not show on the screen. Flash video takes more time to load and users will get frustrated and exit the site. The mobile site should focus on the most important information such as the business address, directions and your products.

If you don’t think you need a mobile website, consider the following statistics:

  • 17% of mobile device usage is attributed to locating a store address.
  • More than half of local searches are done on mobile phones.
  • 40% of mobile phone users say they’ve experienced difficulty with site navigation.
  • 74% of users will only wait 5 seconds for a webpage to load before leaving.
  • 46% of users are unlikely to revisit a mobile website that did not work.

Proximity Marketing: Proximity marketing uses Bluetooth technology to send advertising messages to specific locations. Here’s an example, if you operate a hotel, you can focus your SMS marketing around the nearest airport or train station. As consumers arrive at the airport they receive a coupon to their mobile devices for your hotel, just at the time they are looking for one. This form of marketing allows you to get in front of the consumer when they are within your proximity and in need of your services.

  • Almost 70% of smartphone owners use them while shopping.
  • 53% of smartphone users use search engines at least one time each day.

SMS Marketing: Short message service has increased in popularity. It allows businesses to market directly to the consumer on their mobile phones. Businesses are experiencing greater ROI on their marketing to mobile devices. You can text valuable coupons, product announcements, daily specials and other valuable information directly to the consumer.

  • 52% of mobile ads end with a phone call. (xAd, 2012)
  • Almost one in three cell phone users want companies to send them promotions through mobile devices.

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