02 22 2017

Retail and Marketing Online – Consumer buying trends are shifting, are you shifting with them?

Retail and marketing online to reach mobile and savvy shoppers is vital to your survival.

retail and marketing trends

Since the explosion of the internet, smartphones and social media, consumers have shifted their purchasing habits. They used to wait for Sunday sales circulars before locating the best prices on products they were searching for and relied on the sales associate for information about those products. Today, with a click they can locate all the information about products and locate the best price all within minutes.

Because of these changing habits, competition among retailers is tough. The increase in online shopping has retailers scrambling to create an online presence to reach these consumers. Retail giants like Home Depot and Walmart have increased their online efforts to keep up with the consumer trends.

Close to 70% of smartphone users say they use them while they are shopping. Price conscious consumers now have the ability to locate a better price on products while standing in your store aisle. It’s a well-known fact that if you don’t have a mobile website, these consumers won’t find you while searching for the best deals.

Mobile marketing and designing a mobile website is necessary to capture the mobile audience. eMarketer predicts that almost 73 million smartphone owners will become mobile shoppers this year. Without incorporating mobile marketing into your marketing plan, you will miss out on these shoppers.

Social media has caught the attention of many marketing experts and business owners. They realize the important role social media plays when consumers are locating products and services. It offers a great opportunity to create stronger brand recognition as well as strengthen relationships with their consumers. A recent survey showed that 79% follow brands on social sites.

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have become the MVP for many consumers who are looking for product and services information and pricing. Close to 90% of consumers use search engines to locate information and prices of products before purchasing them. Optimizing your website and content is the best way to increase your presence on search engine results pages.

eMarketer forecasts online sales will reach close to $250 billion by the year 2014, which doesn’t include the travel industry. Exactly how much of that $250 billion would you like?

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